Fascinating Facts About Washington State

Fascinating Facts About Washington State
Washington State might be known for its apples or possibly, if you’re old enough, for Mount St. Helens. However, here are five fun facts you might not have known about the state named after the first president.
1. Enjoy that morning cup of coffee from the well-known Starbucks? Random fact, this world’s largest coffee chain was founded in Seattle.
2. Also from Seattle, it was the first city in the nation to play the Beatles on the radio.
3. On to another city, Everett houses the world’s largest building which was an assembly plant for Boeing.
4. In 1974, Spokane hosted the World’s Fair. It is the smallest city to do so.
5. And one yummy fact for those who enjoy Dairy Queen and its tasty blizzard, the first soft serve ice cream machine was in Olympia.

Facts found at AwesomeAmerica.com/Washington