Washington’s Ultimate Visitor Resource

Washington’s Ultimate Visitor Resource

Heading to Washington for a vacation or business trip? Want to catch some of the culture or sports in the area while you’re away from home? Or maybe you love finding those local eateries that flavor any location with its unique style?

For me, having all the information about the destination gathered into one location is beyond wonderful for planning. So I thought I’d share a resource.

ExperienceWA offers everything Washington, including having an interactive map.

For someone who’s visual like me, that’s awesome. You put in your destination and the map pops up results for events or amenities in that area. Everything from food to sports events to symphonies shows up and it’s a simple click to find the location, phone number and website. Speaking of amenities, maybe you decide you’d like to avoid renting a car on your trip. As well as having an interactive map, this visitor resource contains information on transportation all over Washington. We talking railways, flights, car rentals (if you change your mind), buses, tours, or even boats. If you’re the thrifty traveler, perhaps you’d like to find deals on hotels or vacation packages. This and more can be found at ExperienceWA. It makes planning your trip that much easier, not to mention faster.


Happy planning and safe travels.