3 Useful Packing Tips No Matter Where You Go

Whether you’re going for an overnight or a month long trip, you’ve got to pack that bag and, if you’re anything like me, something always gets left behind because I forgot it or it didn’t fit. Here are three tips I’ve found dog-in-the-bagincredibly helpful to cut down on those inconvenient bag-packing issues.

  1. Roll Clothing- I think I learned this on a trip to Mexico but it doesn’t matter how far you’re going, rolling clothes will help you with two things. One, it’s a tighter way to pack your bag and so, you might be able to fit everything you need or want. And two, it helps keep clothing looking nicer. It won’t keep them completely wrinkle free but it will cut down on the random shirt collar that comes out looking like a crumpled piece of paper.
 2. Make a List- This sounds so common sense but it’s always tempting to shrug off the list thinking ‘I don’t have time.’ Make the time. Here’s why. You think of something you need but don’t want to pack it until you get to the top of your bag. Write it down. That way, when you’re at the top of the bag, you’re not trying to recall all the little items you wanted to put there. Trust me, you will forget at least one item. Usually, it’s one of the most important. Like your keys, or your contact solution (for me this is a biggie) or your wallet and ID.
 3. Keep that List- When I first heard this I thought “What? Why?” but the logic behind it made me go “Oh, duh!” Tuck the packing list away for your trip. Then when you go to pack for your return, you know exactly what you brought with you. Then you’re not roaming a hotel room wondering if you remembered everything.

 Hopefully these quick packing tips are useful to you. If you have any to add, please do! May your travels be safe and wonderful.

 Disclaimer: Jennifer M Zeiger is an employee of Stratford Suites in Airway Heights, Washington. The opinions and thoughts expressed on this site are her own.